Study in Poland 

Poland's broad history furnishes universal understudies with a lively and culture-rich condition. Despite its agonizing history, the nation has risen as a well-known goal, giving a variety of engineering, food, and delightful landscape. 

Situated in Central Europe, Poland is the ideal spot for worldwide understudies needing to encounter European culture while increasing excellent training. 

Arranged in the focal point of Europe, Poland is among the biggest and most crowded nations in the locale – ninth biggest in Europe by region, and 6th in the European Union (EU) by population. Poland has appreciated solid financial development as of late, especially since joining the EU in 2004; amidst the monetary emergency of 2009, Poland was the main European country to report monetary extension. 

With a history going back for over a thousand years, Poland's social legacy is inconceivably rich. This remembers its longstanding customs for the advanced education area, with the main college in Poland established in the fourteenth century. Today, Poland is turning into an inexorably mainstream study goal, with around 72,000 worldwide understudies deciding to concentrate there in 2017/18. 

For a considerable lot of the individuals who decide to concentrate in Poland, the nation's allure is expanded by its moderately low living costs, which stay underneath those of most EU individuals. College charges are in a like manner generally reasonable, ordinarily close to US$4,180 at state-funded colleges, and US$6,600 at private foundations.

Why Study in Poland? 

Following the Bologna Process, Poland has three degrees of study and offers programs in a wide scope of branches of knowledge. Poland's advanced education framework is isolated between freely subsidized and private establishments. Both of these kinds of organizations have their degrees of accreditation and subject specializations. You will discover 9 of Poland's colleges in the best 1000 of the QS World University Rankings, with the most noteworthy positioned being the University of Warsaw. 

The primary advanced education organization in Poland, presently called Jagiellonian University, was established in 1364. It is one of the world's most established existing colleges and is positioned in the main 500 of the QS rankings. Poland's advanced education establishments are generally noted for their contributions to expressive arts, music, and show. You will likewise locate a wide assortment of specialized schools in an assortment of orders. 

About Poland 

Offering a fringe to Germany, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, and Belarus, Poland is an incredible nation. It flaunts huge scenes and geological highlights, for example, the Carpathian Mountains and the Sudetes. With a populace of right around 39 million individuals, Poland is one of the most crowded nations in Europe. 

While it keeps on advancing, the nation's previous keeps on being one of its characterizing highlights. Numerous sightseers travel to Poland to visit the recorded Holocaust destinations and death camps, where over 70% of all aggrieved Jewish individuals were detained during World War II. The nation is presently dynamic and values being a strictly and socially different, advancing imagination and scholarly idea. 

Expenses of Studying and Living in Poland 

Poland utilizes the Polish z?oty (PLN) as its cash. 

Advanced education in Poland is free for Polish residents. On the off chance that you might likewise want to read for nothing, you should sit a similar selection test as Polish understudies, and study a course instructed in Polish. On the off chance that you can't satisfy these standards, you will be required to pay education costs. At an open foundation, you can hope to pay between PLN 8,539 and PLN 16,000 every year. At a private organization, education costs will be higher, up to PLN 25,300. There are not a lot of grants accessible to global understudies, so you ought not to depend on financing help. Be that as it may, it may merit checking with your foundation of decision, as they may offer to subsidize. 

Living costs will rely upon where you decide to live and the way of life you decide to lead. It is suggested that you permit at any rate PLN 2,500 every month for living expenses. If you decide to live in college convenience this will be less expensive than living in a secretly leased loft. To help with your living costs, you might have the option to find a low maintenance line of work. If you are from an EU/EEA nation, you will have the option to work with no additional consents. If you are from some other nation, your boss may need to apply for a work grant if you wish to work. You ought not to depend on work to back your examinations as a worldwide understudy. 

Another living cost that worldwide understudies need to consider is medical coverage. If you are an EHIC holder, you won't have to buy medical coverage. On the off chance that you present your EHIC, you ought to have the option to get medicinal services for nothing, equivalent to Polish residents. On the off chance that you are from an EU nation and don't hold an EHIC, this is something you ought to apply for before you go to Poland. Nations, for example, the UK, Sweden, and Slovakia additionally have a concurrence with the Polish government that their residents will have the option to gain admittance to free human services in the nation – your nation's consulate will have the option to give data in regards to this. 

On the off chance that you are from some other nation, you should buy medical coverage that is substantial for your stay in Poland. This should be possible either before you leave your nation of origin, or when you show up in Poland. If you don't buy medical coverage, you should pay for any clinical treatment you get, which will be over the top expensive. 


On the off chance that you are from an EU/EEA nation, you won't have to apply for an understudy visa to concentrate in Poland. You should apply for a brief habitation grant to cover the span of your remainder. This can be gotten at your nearby Voivodeship Office. 

If you are from some other nation, you should apply for a visa to venture out to Poland. This visa is just substantial for a quarter of a year be that as it may, so you will at that point need to get an impermanent living arrangement grant to cover the term of your examinations. To apply for a visa, you should go to the Polish international haven or department in your nation of origin. 

If you require any further help or direction with this procedure, contact your picked for the transitory living arrangement. 


The official language of Poland is Polish. The nation likewise has one local perceived language of Kashubian, just as numerous other minority dialects are spoken. 

It is incredibly basic for colleges to offer courses at all levels in English. On the off chance that your local language isn't English, you may need to demonstrate your capability to be acknowledged onto your course. On the off chance that you don't fulfill the necessary guidelines, your college will presumably offer English language courses to enable you to improve. You will have the option to get to more data about the particular necessities on the off chance that you contact your college. 

It is constantly suggested that regardless of whether you are concentrating in English, you put forth an attempt to learn however much of the Polish language as could be expected. Speaking with local people and other universal understudies is an extraordinary method to rehearse. This is an ability that will look incredible on your CV/continue, and could be very useful if you wish to pick up work during or after your examinations!

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